Crushing Horsetooth 2018!

In this Blog thread you will find spotlights on my athletes and how they do at their big goal races!

This blog is an Athlete Spotlight Blog for Kati and Nat!

These two actually signed on together with me in January of 2018. Their original goals: just to complete the Horsetooth Half. Though injury, travels, and life in general took them through very different approaches to get there, both Kati and Nat achieved their goal and beyond!

What started as a “I just want to complete it,” soon became, “I want to put a time goal on myself!” The both of them wanted to finish in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. It took many miles and many mentally tough days, but by sticking to the plan Kati and Nat Became the first two Endurance Matters Athletes to conquer the  Horsetooth Half!

While some annoying hip flexor issues played with the mind of Kati for a brief moment, through the use of cross training and quality recovery, she was still able to achieve her time goal and CRUSHED it with a  2:20:37 Horsetooth half marathon. As a coach I’m am extremely proud of how Kati handled adversity and stayed true to her goal. She didn’t push to worsening of injury, rather played it smart and made concessions where she needed to, and ultimately prevailed with a job well done at her first half marathon!

Then there was Nat! Nat began training with me complaining that she could never run any faster than 10:30-11 min pace. Well she quickly found that to be false crushing some intervals nearing 8 minute per mile pace! At horsetooth ( with almost 1000 ft of elevation gain in the first half) she averaged 10:14 per mile for the entire 13.1! Not only did she complete the Horsetooth Half, she annihilated her 2:30 goal! She finished with 2:14:16 in her first ever half marathon!

Both these ladies have big aspirations for themselves and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to coach such inspirational people!

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