Get Started with a Training Consultation

  • $50 in Person (1.5 hours) $40 over the phone/video chat (1 hour)
  • Discuss goals, previous training, and current fitness
  • Identification of individualized training paces
  • Strength and Mobility Session*
  • Gait Analysis*

* via video call or recorded video for remote consultations

Fill out my “New Runner Profile” and I will contact you about scheduling a consultation! 

Personalized Running Coaching options:

Premium Personal Coaching

    • 2 month minimum commitment – $100-140 per month
    • Individualized Endurance training plans provided in 4 week blocks or Monthly
    • Injury Prevention Strength and Mobility (SAM) routines
    • Free weekly e-mails explaining and adjusting your workouts.
    • Free weekly phone calls/zoom calls often as needed.
    • Unlimited E-mail/Text access during normal business hours.

Monthly Check-in Coaching

    • 3 month commitment – $60/Month 
    • Training provided in 4 week/Monthly blocks
    • 1 Zoom/Phone call session (30-90 minutes) per month to assess how training is going and to make adjustments to new blocks moving forward. 
    • Injury Prevention Strength and Mobility (SAM) routines
    • $15 for extra Zoom/Phonecall sessions 30-90 min

Just the Training Plan

    • Minimum 8 week Commitment, one time purchase. Price changes based on duration of plan. 8 weeks = $60, 12 weeks = $90, 16 weeks = $120)
    • Plan provided in full with one time sit down/Zoom call explanation of the plan and resources available to athlete. 
    • Access to Injury Prevention Strength and Mobility (SAM) routines
    • No scheduled interaction with the coach beyond initial discussion of training plan. 
    • Additional meetings to adjust or change training plans are $30 per 30-90 min Session

Across all payment plans, in person sessions are $30 per session usually 60-90 minutes. Coach Nate will attend your workout with a stopwatch and provide form cues, and strategy for taking on the workout. 

Weekly feedback via e-mail and FREE running log:

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All coaching clients receive access to a FREE online running log and mobile application Final Surge.

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