Daniel’s Fitness Journey

Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without Nate. I might still be running, but there’s no way that I would be running as safely or as effectively as I’ve been this year without his knowledge and guidance. Nate is an experienced expert runner and exercise physiologist and I’ve been very grateful to have him as my coach. With the help of his teaching and training plans, I was able to cut my 10k time from over 61 minutes to just over 43 minutes.

But the significantly improved race times, functional warm-ups, different paces and strength and mobility work were only part of what I learned by training with him. While of course I experienced many physical benefits from Nate’s running workouts, I literally believe that he has helped me become a better, more disciplined person. Running has improved all aspects of my life from my happiness, daily energy levels, interactions with coworkers and other non-physiological factors. By staying motivated and on track through his clearly laid out training plans, Nate has helped fuel my passion and desire to run and never stop running.

Instead of suffering an injury or becoming burnt out too quick by running on my own, Nate encouraged me to learn more about running and the incredible benefits it offers people. By breaking down the exercise mechanics and physiology in a way that’s easy to understand and relating it to my workouts, it made each run so much more meaningful knowing what’s happening and why I’m doing it. I’m proud to have Nate as my running coach, and I highly recommend his services – especially if you’re a new runner or ‘just catching the bug.’